Welcome to the web portal of Maurimaint Sarl: The new impetus for industry

Maurimaint Sarl is a professional company created by specialists and experts in the field of industrial project and industrial maintenance in Mauritania.

Maurimaint Sarl is then developed with a view to cover most of the industry needs.

Thus other branches related to computer maintenance and construction have been created. It operates in the areas of:

  1. Execution of industrial projects;
  2. Industrial supply;
  3. Outsourcing of industrial maintenance in all its forms;
  4. Advice and consulting;
  5. Training;
  6. Construction and maintenance of welded structures;
  7. Mechanical and electrical installation;
  8. Contract Analysis;
  9. Monitoring of industrial projects;
  10. Production management ;

Maurimaint Sarl is perfectly adapted to your needs if:

  1. You have to set an industrial project;
  2. You feel that your maintenance cost is very expensive;
  3. The cost of your maintenance varies and does not seem to be controlled;
  4. You have doubts about the availability of your production tools;
  5. You ask yourself questions about their reliability;
  6. You have doubts about the adaptation of types of maintenance applied to your specific needs;
  7. You want to train your staff on: maintenance, productivity, quality, management or environment;
  8. You have big maintenance operations that cannot be carried out by your staff;
  9. You are a foreign company and you have equipments to built in Mauritania and you do not want to move an entire team,
  10. You are a foreign company and you want to entrust your after sales services to responsible local business;
  11. You have important project and you want to hire a company for monitoring;
  12. You have several contracts with suppliers and you want to optimize.


For further informations, please call Mr Ahmed Salem on 00222 20680654 or visit us or Write to us on:

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