Our Organization

Given the diversity of the scope of Maurimaint Sarl and in order to better serve its customers, Maurimaint is organized into five units each specialized in a business related to real business needs.


I. Maurimaint subcontracting


Maurimaint Subcontracting is intended for companies that want to control the cost of all or part of their operations entrusting them to our attention.

This solution is suitable for companies whose maintenance cost is not under control, or part of their equipments is different from the majority, and not wanting to recruit qualified teams for a limited number of equipments.

Maurimaint Subcontracting deals among other:

  1. Preventive maintenance, curative and palliative of your production tools;
  2. Industrial cleaning;
  3. Labor supply for various industrial operations;
  4. Building maintenance and painting.


II. Maurimaint Council


Maurimaint council is a consulting firm aiming to assist you in optimizing the maintenance of your production tools:

  1. State of location;
  2. Study of problems and / or improvement potential;
  3. Reliability calculation;
  4. Action plan;
  5. Preparation and monitoring of the action plan implementation;
  6. Monitoring;
  7. Staff training;
  8. industrial project feasibility study;
  9. Study of the environmental impact of industrial projects (with an approved office approved).


III- Maurimaint Entretien (Servicing your equipment)


It provides complete maintenance of vehicles and machinery, starting with the development of maintenance plans, through monitoring and ending with the final execution. This solution also includes optimization of the maintenance plan by monitoring equipment and oils analysis.

Maurimaint Entretient supports a wide range of equipments;

  1. Earth-moving machinery;
  2. Mining equipments;
  3. Port handling machinery (Reach stackers, Empty handlers, tractors);
  4. Generatinors;
  5. Heavy and light car.

It also provides professional solutions for diagnosis and geolocation with the fuel consumption monitoring in real time.

Maurimaint Entretien integrates your equipments in its monitoring database and call you periodically to record the evolution of your indicators (time counters, Mileage). So your equipment will be called for maintenance without monitoring effort on your side. It also offers the original materials (oil, filters ...).


IV. Maurimaint Info


Maurimaint Info deals with computer maintenance; desktops, laptops, printers ... etc.


V. Maurimaint Calligraphie


Benefit from the experience of our calligraphers to give a new look to your seat. Maurimaint Calligraphy offers a wide variety of:


  1. Panels of the seats;
  2. Advertisement signage;
  3. banners;
  4. Posters of any kind: Safety, environmental protection ... etc.
  5. stickers;
  6. Painting and local offices;
  7. Miscellaneous: logo design, business cards and company brochures.

 To contact us, to get more information, thank you to write to us on:

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