Our contracts


Our contracts reflect our multidisciplinary situation covering our areas of action:



  1. Development of specifications;
  2. Calculation note;
  3. Optimization;
  4. Supply of the necessary equipment;
  5. Execution;
  6. Monitoring of industrial projects


II. Expertise and improvement agreement


Give us your equipment and let us help you in your improvement policy

  1. Contract study and improvement: Let us diagnose and propose solutions;
  2. Project agreement (Project management, commissioning, assembly and test, CMMS, ... etc.).


III. Installation and after sales service contract


Let us install your equipment within the time and take care of your after sales services.


IV. Systematic maintenance contract


Entrust your park, we will take care of maintenance (maintenance plan, monitoring, oil analysis ...).


V. Maintenance contract


We take care of maintenance of all or part of your units, following one of three scenarios:

a-     Agreement by intervention unit with performance requirement;

b-     Agreement by annual fee with performance requirement;

c-      Agreement on a performance indicator (KPI).

This type of contract is perfectly suited to companies with part of their equipment is different from the majority, forcing them often to recruit specialists for a limited number of equipment.



  1. Development and implementation of operating procedures;
  2. Development and implementation of maintenance procedures;
  3. Provision of necessary human and material resources;
  4. Spare parts supplies.


Our knowledge and experience allow our companies to get rid of the problems of your equipment.


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